St Patrick’s Primary School Lunch Orders 2020


We are excited to announce that in 2020 we have a new lunch order provider, Fresh Lunch Fairy.
With the feedback from families collected last year, we have worked hard to find a provider who is
able to meet the needs identified by the school community. The Fresh Lunch Fairy is an online
ordering system currently servicing several schools across the Geelong region, all food is made fresh
in their kitchen.
Lunch orders are only available for Friday lunch (beginning Friday 7 th February), and ALL orders must
be placed ONLINE. Orders can be placed any time from Monday to Thursday evening at 9pm, for
delivery on the Friday. The website will shut down at 9pm, and no orders will be able to be placed
after this time.
The link below will open up to the St Patrick’s Primary School ordering page, on which you will find
links to all menu items available for ordering.

Instructions for ordering can be found under ‘How To Order’ on the website.
If you are ordering for more than one child, you will have to place and pay for each child’s order
Payment for all orders is made on the site, through PayPal – if you do not have to have a PayPal
account, there is the option to checkout as a PayPal Guest using your credit card.
Once your payment has been received, you will be sent an automated order confirmation email,
which includes your order number. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, your order
has not been processed and you will need to contact Christine directly by text or phone call (contact
details below).
Any other questions or queries about the service can be directed to Christine, owner of Fresh Lunch
Fairy, on her contact details below. Christine has also asked that any feedback or issues you have
while using this service be directed to her.

Christine (Fresh Lunch Fairy) – Ph: 0424 654 109 / E:

Megan Payne & Gabby O’Bree
Canteen Coordinators