Out of School Hours Care - 
looked after by Extend

  • Activities cater for primary school aged boys and girls, and ELC children at applicable schools.  Each activity is tailored to the age group of children who are attending the program.  For example, there may be a couple of different work stations which children can be creating from, based on their age group.
  • Holiday Programs are usually more structured, and can involve excursions and incursions.  Holiday Program schedules are published in advance on our website.

Commitment to Child Safety
  • At Extend we are committed to providing an environment that is safe and promotes the well-being of all children at all times.
  • All staff working with Extend have completed Child Protection Training and are aware of indicators of abuse and neglect. 
  • Extend staff are committed to responding to and taking seriously all disclosures of harm made to us by children. Staff ensure to make management aware of any disclosures as soon as practicable and are supported in the procedure of fulfilling mandatory reporting obligations. During this process confidentiality is respected as the upmost priority.
  • We promise to respond to all concerns, complaints and disclosures within a timely manner so as to ensure child safety is protected.
  • The Extend Policy on Protecting and Supporting Children and Young People Policy (7.1) contains comprehensive information around protecting children from abuse of all kinds.
  • If you would like further information around our commitment to child protection please ask your Service Coordinator or feel free to get in touch with Extend Management.
  • You must enrol to attend our services.  Enrolment is via lookedafter.com and the process takes about 10-15 minutes, online on any device.  Save time by first checking the LookedAfter guide for parents.
  • We encourage all parents at our school to enrol with LookedAfter as this avoids problems if you need to use their services at short notice.  There is no annual enrolment or membership fee.