PFA Meetings

Term 1 2019  12th FebruaryPFA Meeting Minutes
Term 2 2019 7th MayPFA Meeting Minutes

18th JunePFA Meeting Minutes
Term 3 201924th JulyPFA Meeting Minutes

What is the PFA? 
The PFA is a large group of parents and teachers who volunteer their time and efforts to provide fundraising, social and pastoral support to our school community. The parents of St Pat are a social, hard-working and energetic group and our community spirit is a very special characteristic of our school.

How does the PFA contribute to our school?
The PFA contributes a range of big and small activities such as: 

• Irish Folk Festival 
• Canteen 
• Shamrock (year book) 
• Second-hand uniform shop 
• Social events for parents and children 
• Working bees 
• Casserole bank 
• School concert 
• Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Stalls

Get involved! 
Come along to PFA meetings whenever you can to share ideas and help make decisions about our school community. 
Everyone is welcome and it is a great opportunity to have a laugh and get to know other parents.

There are many ways to contribute to our school…bring a fresh opinion to meetings, help run a stall at the IFF, wrap presents for the Mother’s Day staff, help out in canteen, bake a casserole, water the vegie garden or decorate the venue for a social night….we need you! 

Who can I contact? 

Full details of the PFA executive and team leaders are provided on the school website – look under ‘School Community,’ and ‘Parents and Friends Association’. Email any general enquiries to

2019 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School P.F.A.

 PresidentEbony Raby Vice PresidentSharee McKee
SecretaryKerri BennettTreasurerLisa Loney
Master Plan Grants

Parent Services

Naomi Vagg

Extravaganza (2020)

Candice Perus

ShamrockRosemary Bei

Lauren McMahon

Emma Grayson


Sharee Mckee

Abbey Loney

PastoralCaroline McNicolShamrockRosemary Bei

 Pastoral Care - 

Casserole Bank

Beth Devlin

Irish Folk FestivalAnge Naylon
 Parent Services Michelle Dawson
Tanya Mckenzie
 Pastoral Care - Grade 6 Tops
 Pastoral Care - 
 Andrea Benton Pastoral Care - 2nd Hand Uniforms Maria Agius