Enrolling at St Patrick's

Foundation enrolments at St. Patrick's Primary School will be accepted in the year prior to commencement. We endeavour to have enrolments finalised by mid-year but if there are vacancies, enrolments will be considered later in the year. Parents of new applicants are required to complete the Enrolment Enquiry Form.

Families wishing to join our community in all other year levels, please complete the Enrolment Enquiry Form and we will contact you with more information.
At St Patrick's Catholic Primary School the basic requirements of the children seeking admissions are:
  • That the children are baptized Catholic and a copy of the certificate is supplied.
  • That the children are 5 years of age or will turn 5 years of age by 30th April in
    their Prep year and that proof of this is supplied.
  • That the children will participate fully in the life of the school.
  • That we provide some opportunities for students to be educated at St Patrick's
    who are not baptised or are of another Faith.
  • That the obligation to meet the fee structure is agreed upon.
  • The individual needs of students shall be taken into account on an individual basis.

Order Of Acceptance

The following is a guide to help Parents / Carers understand how we determine offers of places if we receive more enrolments than there are places available.

After siblings the following applies:

  1. Catholic children who reside in the St Pat's catchment of St Michael's Parish (see image below).
  2. Catholic children who do not reside in but belong to the parish community.
  3. Catholic children from other parishes (for pastoral reasons).
  4. Children from non-Catholic Eastern Churches who reside in the parish.
  5. Children from non-Catholic Eastern Churches who reside outside the parish.
  6. Other Christian children who reside in the parish.
  7. Other Christian children who reside outside the parish.
  8. Non-Christian children who reside in the parish.
    Procedures For Prep Enrolment

  • Parents wishing to enrol their child at St. Patrick’s should complete an Application form. A non-refundable enrolment fee of $200 (Prep-6) is payable once your letter of offer has been returned. This amount will be credited to your first term fees.
  • After enrolment is confirmed, parents of students will be invited to an Information Evening at which all relevant details will be imparted.
  • In addition to the Information Evening, it is usual practice for newly enrolled students of Preparatory class to attend Orientation sessions.

Enrolment At All Other Levels
Please contact the school office and arrange an appointment with the Principal.

Full Fee Paying Overseas Students
St. Patrick’s is registered to enrol Full Fee Paying Overseas Students. If you are interested in enrolling your child under this system, please contact the school office on +61 2 5229 4412 for further details and eligibility criteria.