St Patrick’s Primary School

Education Advisory Board

This Education Board is a forum for discussion on matters concerning education at St Patrick’s. It brings together in a spirit of cooperation our Parish Priest, Principal, representatives of parents and teachers so that responsible informed advice can be given to our Parish Priest and Principal.

The Board, in essence acts in an advisory role. Matters of employment remain the responsibility of the Parish Priest as employer who shares this decision making with the Principal. Decisions about the implementation of the Curriculum are the prime responsibility of Principal and Staff as the appointed professional educators in this particular school. Parent representatives are involved where appropriate.

School Board Policy and Guidelines

    • St Patrick's Community

  • St. Patrick’s maintain longstanding and strong relationships with its families and wider community. These include:

  • Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

  • School Advisory Board

  • Parental/family members involvement in school sports, athletics, swimming, Bike Ed programs as well as excursions and classroom programs

  • Parental/family members involvement in our annual Irish Folk Festival

  • Masses

  • Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls organised by parents of the community.

  • Extravaganza committee

  • Shamrock (school magazine) committee