About us

We have been on this site since 1911 and as such our buildings are Heritage listed and older style classrooms, mixed now with contemporary and modern modular buildings to house our growing population. Our school is in the Parish of St. Michael's Bell Park with our Parish Priest – Fr. Gerard Keith. We currently have a school population of 473. In 2017 we have 19 classrooms with a staff of 43 including registered class teachers, teachers’ aides and other support staff.

Our Learning Community at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School,

made up of parents, leaders, teachers and students, creates a culture that fosters deeply valued stances of Witness, Moderator, Specialist, Co-inquirer and Designer.

As Witnesses: We present the Catholic Tradition as a living faith and an attractive option, with a humble and supportive attitude. It requires openness to being transformed by encounter with the other

As Moderators: Our approach to learning and teaching in a Catholic school constantly opens up spaces of meaning, which engage Catholic faith with what matters most in the minds and

hearts of the students

As Specialists: We offer deep knowledge of subject material across the curriculum scope, in addition to matters concerning Christianity, Catholicism, and other religious and philosophical traditions.

As Designers of learning: We plan and implement clear, differentiated and engaging learning paths with and for students that progress their learning in line with Achievement Standards.

As Co-inquirers: We model an inquiry disposition, truth-seeking and passion for transformative learning. Our approach requires learning relationships and classroom environments that promote student ownership of their learning and allows time for respectful and substantive conversations with and between learners.