St. Patrick’s offers students a breadth of opportunities in the area of Mathematics. We aim to improve the Mathematical understandings and numeracy skills of all students with a contemporary approach to teaching Mathematics. This is supported by our partnership with families in reinforcing the students’ Mathematical skills within their home environment.

Our school places the need of the student as the priority for planning, implementing and delivering a curriculum for the development of Mathematical knowledge. Our teachers are given time to review class and cohort data on a regular basis to drive their teaching and to ensure the success of all students.

The school has continued to engage in professional learning for all teachers in the area of Mathematics to ensure we are aware of recent research and practice. Our school structure allows for school leadership to support teachers in developing our students to their full potential. Teachers have access to a team leader and plan together to ensure that students’ needs can be discussed and catered for. Our school has adopted the key principles for effective teaching of mathematics as outline by Sullivan 2011. These principles guide our teachers approach through articulating goals, fostering engagement, differentiating and promoting transfer of knowledge.

St. Patrick’s values this key learning area with the highest priority and has restructured our staffing to ensure a Mathematics leader is out of the classroom and available to staff and the school community.

Students throughout the school have access to iPads and desktop computers to use a range of Mathematical tools to enhance their classroom learning. The school also provides a range of Mathematical texts to reinforce mathematical knowledge through narrative.

Our students are tracked using a number of formal assessments throughout the year. We use an online assessment tool (PAT – M) annually to internally track students overall achievements. Our Prep students are assessed through a numeracy interview that allows the teachers to build an understanding of what entry skills our students have on arrival to St. Patrick’s.