Religious Education

St Patrick’s works in partnership with parents to nurture the faith of the students. The teaching of Religious Education at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School will deepen students' relationship with God, develop strong relationships with others, and broaden their knowledge to create a just world. At St. Patrick’s students are invited explore and celebrate the Catholic story in all its richness and diversity through reflection, prayer and action for the good of others and their world.Curriculum

A new Catholic education Curriculum is being developed to better meet the needs of all students. Horizons of Hope, the new education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne will support Catholic school communities to engage in dialogue about the distinctive nature of learning and teaching, leading learning, and enhancing Catholic identity in our schools.

The framework is a living document that will be added to over coming months and years with examples of practice from schools, as well as additional strategy statements in the areas of Leadership, Wellbeing, Diversity, and Religious Education.


Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is an integral part of life at St Patrick’s and students are involved in the planning and participation of class prayer. Students actively contribute in the liturgy, joining in class and special occasion masses in the parish. The school’s spiritual life is enriched by Christian Meditation, which is practised at all levels within the school. Christian Meditation aims to teach students to find God in stillness, silence, and simplicity.

Students participate in a parish linked sacramental program. They are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation in Year 3, Eucharist in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6. And these faith moments are celebrated appropriately.

Social Justice

Social justice is an important part of St Patrick's Religious Education program. Together with Holy Family and Holy Spirit schools, St Patrick's has a strong commitment to the Philippines Partnership. The commitment is both educative and financial.

St Patrick's students learn about the lives of children in Manila, especially those at risk. The school community raises money each year that supports the work of the Kuya Center for Street Children and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in Quezon City, Manila and the Columbans in Malate Parish, Manila.

For more information on Religious Education for schools within the Archdiocese of Melbourne,

visit Catholic Education Melbourne.