Wellbeing at St Patrick's is guided by the KidsMatter Framework. KidsMatter is an Australian Primary Schools Mental Health Initiative.

The framework aims to improve children’s mental health and wellbeing. It recognises the important role that parents and carers play in the lives of their children and encourages effective working relationships between school staff, parents and carers as well as the broader community.

KidsMatter was extensively evaluated in 2009 by Flinders University. The evaluation found clear benefits for students, school staff and for schools.

Benefits for students include:

  • Increased positive mental health (e.g. optimism and coping)

  • Reduced mental health difficulties (e.g. emotional symptoms, hyperactivity, conduct problems and peer difficulties)

  • Improvements in behaviour and motivation for students already experiencing mental health challenges

  • Subsequent studies also found improved academic achievement

Its pedigree is highly respected. KidsMatter was developed with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and beyondblue.

The Principals Australia Institute, the Australian Psychological Society and beyondblue collaborate in the ongoing development and implementation.

St Patrick's began this 2-3 year journey in 2014 with extensive Professional Development for staff and the implementation of the components that make up the framework.

Socio - Ecological Model

St Patrick's recognises there are multiple influences on children’s mental health and wellbeing. Children develop within the context of family, school, peers, community and broader societal factors.

Schools are the most significant developmental context after families for primary aged children. This model highlights how significant it is for the child when schools and families work together.

St Patrick's are highly committed to the wellbeing of our students and community. Over 180 parents attended the initial KidsMatter briefing at St Patrick's in 2014. This is testament to the importance our community place on the wellbeing of their children.

For more information please visit KidsMatter Primary